Building a HTPC Part 4

It has been a while since I have blogged about my HTPC project. I must say the project has progressed really well and I am happy with my HTPC. There have been a lot of enhancements done to my HTPC. Here are the ones I would like to mention:


Blu-ray drive: My HTPC finally has a blu-ray drive, and it is rocking! Thanks to my generous girlfriend who bought me this for the Valentine’s Day.

Computer Case: I also replaced the outer case with one that is more spacious and ventilated. The old case was too cramped to put a blu-ray drive and play blu-ray movies. Fortunately, I got a really good deal on for a case that’s awesome!

Solid-State Drive: Besides, the blu-ray drive and a new case, I also put a Solid State Hard Drive in the system and this has really boosted the performance of the system, especially the booting and shutdown.

USB3.0 Card: I had to replace the USB3.0 card as it had issues of intermittent connectivity losses. The one I have now works great.

PC Remote Control: The remote control finally arrived and works great with Windows Media Center, Boxee and XBMC.

Sound Bar: I got a cheap Vizio sound bar for less than 50 bucks at Goodwill. The model of  the sound bar surprisingly is fairly new and works great!

In all I have invested about $450 in my HTPC but I am satisfied with the results. What next would be to replace the replace the motherboard and processor, but that’s not until the end of this year.


I have reverted back to Windows Media Center as the main system for my HTPC. The reason to choose it was that neither XBMC nor Boxee supports playing blu-ray movies off the disk. Windows Media Center though does not natively support blu-ray playback, an extension by ArcSoft can provide the functionality from within Windows Media Center.


This week I will be getting rid of my cable including cable internet replacing it with DSL. Why? Price! Time to fully embrace the HTPC 🙂

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