Closure to mario game

So as a kid growing up in India, I had my father’s 80486 computer with MSDOS 6.22 installed. In there I had many Shareware games installed that I had purchased from a local computer shop. One of the games was, Mario. This was a clone of Mario Bros you will find on Nintendo. I didn’t have a game console growing up so this 80486 computer and Shareware games was the only way I would play games, and that too on my really small Monchrome display! Anyway, this Mario clone was one of my favorites but sadly after Level 3 or something it would kept looping (i.e. won’t finish). I spent incredible amount of frustrating hours trying to find hidden exits but wasn’t ever successful and the game would keep looping. I kept thinking why would the game do this? After 2 decades, I finally found the reason, thanks to the Internet (although I could have found out about it much earlier). It turns out that this game was originally created by guy called Mike Wiering in 1994. He didn’t plan to release the game but somehow an unfinished version of the game got onto Shareware scene and then someone hacked the game to make unsolvable past Level 3. Mike talks about this in his website here: With this I finally I have a closure to this, and feel incredibly happy I found the answer…

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