Fort Wayne International Airport

Fort Wayne International Airport is a small airport that provides regional connectivity to next bigger airports or hubs such as Chicago. When you arrive at the airport you can park at short term parking which is free for first 30 mins. There is also long term parking although I don’t know the rates for that. Being a small airport, expect short TSA lines.  During my last trip I was the only person in the line. As usual, be sure to take out laptop and the liquids and put in a separate bin at the checkpoint. Inside there are couple of foo – Sam Adams Brewhouse and Seattle’s Best Coffee Shop. Terminals 1 to 4 are on the first floor and 5 to 8 are in second. Gates are rather small. Inside there’s a small air museum which is pretty neat display of American air history. My last experience flying out of Fort Wayne was less than pleasant though as the flight was delayed by ~2 hours. It’s probably not the fault of the airport but more of the airlines – American – but still it may be a wiser choice to fly out from a bigger airport in case of time crunch.

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