With Ooma I plan to cut down my Phone bill

Yay, I got rid of Vonage. It’s not that the service was awful, it’s just that it was getting too expensive. I mean after 6-months of promotional period, my monthly bill for unlimited international calling was getting close to $40; a chunk of it was taxes. So, I looked for alternatives, and found Ooma. It cost me $105 to buy the Ooma Telo unit (with a $15 coupon on TigerDirect). Even though there is upfront cost, I hope to save around 44% in my monthly bill when compared to Vonage. For the unlimited international plan, the overall first year cost for Ooma is expected to be around $366 including the cost of the unit. For Vonage, this was around $354. So, if I use Ooma, I will effectively pay more during the first year of service. However, subsequent years, the annual cost for Ooma will come down to $262, whereas for Vonage it would be $468.

Vonage tried to keep my account by offering 6-month $9.99 promotion again, but I opted out of that. Will Ooma stay up to my expectations? That… we will see in coming weeks. Right now, I am happy with her!

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