Soup Survival

Life is getting really busy, days are getting longer and hectic, nights are getting shorter and sleepless, and survival on (ahem) soups has become quite common. With the rain of cases, mid-terms, other course stuff, outside course stuff, club activities, global projects, social gatherings, etc. and etc., pouring over your head, would you really have time to cook?! Of course not. But do not worry. That is why such great inventions as soups exist. Easy and faster to make, easy and faster to eat. 2 mins in the Microwave, 2mins for the eating. Simple. Plain. No hassle at all! …and do you even know the variety of soups available? Yeah, you heard me right! O boy, Chicken Noodle, Chicken & Wild Rice, Hearty Chicken Pot Pie Style, Creamy Roasted Chicken with Wild Rice, Beef & Vegetable, Beef Pot Roast with Country Vegetables, Traditional, Light, Rich & Hearty, High Fiber, Reduced Sodium, Vegetable Classics, what not you have! ..and when you’re done with all those just switch to a different brand! Life is short and fast, and time is the cash. Soup Survival is the need of the hour.

Disclaimer: This post is not an advertisement or endorsement of any kind.

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