The Girl in my dream

I met a beautiful girl in my dream. She is there in the garden playing with cherubs. I have lost my way and see her accidentally. With nobody around to ask for directions I decide to approach her. I enter the garden in a slow and diffident manner unsure as to how she is going to react to me. She seems deeply engrossed in her act of playing with cherubs and has little cognizance of my intrusion. Cherubs are running around her in a circle singing some sort of a song and she like a goddess is standing there in the center singing along and giggling. I stop for a moment and think about going back. I don’t want to bother her. However, since I have to return back to home and it is getting dark, so I dismiss the thought and keep moving. As the distance between me and her becomes lesser and lesser, I feel more and more attracted to her. She is now sitting on the ground and cherubs are still around her as if they have been spelled by her. Of course such a celestial beauty can put any living soul on this planet into a state of eternal trance. I stop again for a moment and think about going back. I have been out since morning. My clothes are sweaty and dirty. My eyes show fatigue. My hair are messy. Such a beautiful angel would never want to talk to an ugly traveler like me. I am about to walk back towards the garden gate but I hear a voice call my name. It is her. Somewhere between my thoughts I must have done something that must have distracted her and revealed my intrusion. I am feeling ashamed and guilty. I have been caught. I turn around and greet her. I go to her. From close I see her face clearly. She has the most beautiful face in this whole universe. Her eyes are like little stars in a clear night sky that shine brightly. I am instantly hypnotized. I feel like spending hours looking into those eyes and trying to uncover the mystery behind them. They are like an ocean and I am feeling like a lost soul, drowning, wanting to get rescued and without any hope of survival for the simple reason that the ocean appears so vast that it has virtually no end and an infinite depth. The color of her eyes combined with the innocence is creating a magnificent effect which is driving me crazy. I bend down and kiss her moist hand. If God gives me an option to live or die holding her hand, I think I would choose the latter. I tell her that I am lost. She gives me directions to where I want to go. I tell her that I like her and hold her hand. She blushes. I come closer and kiss her soft cheeks twice on every side. I go to the bushes and bring her roses. We walk all over the garden, hand in hand, till the time evening gives way to the night. Now she lay down on the ground. Fresh red colored rose petals are all over the ground beneath her body and I lay down beside her. We gaze at the stars. We talk and talk. I wonder where my fatigue has gone. I stare at her and keep doing that for hours. I run my hand through her long black hair. I kiss her lips. Night gives way to the dawn. Our slumber is interrupted by chirping of birds on the trees. I had completely forgotten that I was lost. I have to return back to my home. However, I have found a new destination. I kiss her and bid goodbye. O the girl of my dreams, I will come to you again and soon. My life is a vacuum without you…

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