The Joy of WFH

There’s nothing better in life than working from home. It’s an amazingly heavenly feeling that is close to only and only heaven. The decision is made a night before or I should say 3 hours before you’ve to get up and get ready for office when you’re just done watching two movies back to back. As you hit the sack, there’s a sudden realization, a premonition actually, that tomorrow infact today is going to be a real bad day for you. “Today… I’ll be hit by a flu, a severe headache, stomach grinding stomachache, body ache, toothache, muscle ache or any ache you can think of that is found in this world”. You’re not sure which “ache” or “flu” it is going to be after all it is a premonition and not a certainty. However, something in you says that such a premonition cannot be dismissed for simply being a premonition. After all, it’s not just about saving yourself from such a calamity it’s about saving your co-workers as well and whose well being is of prime importance to you. So, entangled in these premonitory thoughts you decide to stay at home for the day and disguise your decision in the name of “Work from home” or WFH for short. Satisfied and with a sheepish grin on your snoozy face you decide to call it a day. In just couple of hours the Alarm Clock wakes you up to remind you that you’ve to drop an email to your peers about your ill-health. “I’ve cold and slight fever. I will be staying indoors and working.” You take utmost care not to terrify them by using words like “flu”. You send it. You sniff, touch your forehead and cough a little. You set your company’s IM client to show you online always and hit the sack again.

You wake up after couple of hours and see couple of IMs on screen and missed calls on your cell phone. You respond to them and to couple of emails too that need a reply to show that you’re working. For emails that do not need a reply, you reply in mono-syllables like “Ok”, “Great”, “Thanks”, reminding yourself time and again about the importance of replying to every email. You snooze again.

After an hour you wake up. You sniff, touch your forehead and try to cough. It’s time for breakfast. You’re a little better now. Reminding yourself that you haven’t had a decent breakfast rather a breakfast since a long time, you decide to prepare the most balanced breakfast ever. Peeping inside the refrigerator, you find there’s everything except food.“Damn it!!”.. and you curse your roommate for being a hog. Nevertheless, you eat something. You reply to IMs, emails and missed calls. You snooze again this time on the comfy couch, thinking why you didn’t get the idea to sleep on the couch before.

You wake up at around 3pm. You don’t sniff, touch your forehead or cough. You’re perfectly fine. The Premonition is gone. Beaming with pride, you exult over the excellent decision you made to circumvent the unforeseen calamity. You think of your boss and how you just spent a day or almost a day without seeing his/her beautifully ugly face. You have lunch. You switch your Creative Speakers on, fire Pandora, sit back and enjoy the music. You snooze again after some time. You wake up at 5pm, bid goodbye to your peers on IM and call it a day. Tired, you snooze again!

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