Windows Phone has arrived!

Just got my Samsung Focus S delivered. It is an amazing phone and the Windows OS is simply fantastic. I am overly excited to explore it further having already configured all email accounts, facebook and twitter on it. One complaint though – I noticed it synced my Purdue Exchange and Google calendar by default. What ended up happening was, I got duplicate entries on my calendar. The reason being the two calendars are already synced. So I had to turn Google calendar off on the phone and that froze the OS :-S. I hope this is the only time it happens. *Fingers Crossed*

I would also like to mention that the whole number switch thing from T-Mobile to AT&T was very smooth. As soon as I activated my phone on AT&T’s website, my T-Mobile Sim went dead. I just wasn’t imaging such a quick switch-over. So, kudos to AT&T.

I will continue to post my experiences and observations. Keep checking!


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