How to cook perfectly spicy Maggi

It’s easy.. You need 1 pack of Maggi. Use a non stick pan and add 1 cup of water. Then add the spice mix. This step is important to put the spice mix before putting noodles. Then mix and allow the water to heat up but don’t boil. Then take Maggi and split in the middle to split the two layers. Put each layer in the pan. Wait 1 minute and then turn each layer. In 1 minute it should start softening. Then use a flat spatula to carefully split the noodles. Do not put pressure or break them. Mix and allow water to start boiling. In about 2 minutes water will be there but not completely gone. Then here’s the trick to get spicy taste… Add hot sauce. I use LA Victoria Salsa brava hot sauce. Add maybe 1 tablespoon. Mix thoroughly and then allow water to dry. It’s ready. Serve in a bowl.
Of course you can put veggies. I just made mine plain.

Hot sauce

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