New SSDs not showing correct Serial# in Proxmox Disk Manager

I faced a weird issue. I added 5x identical brand new consumer grade SSDs to my DL380P, and inside Proxmox disk manager, they all showed up as having Serial#s as 0s, see below.

Upon looking further, it appeared that Proxmox is using ID_SERIAL from udevadm.

udevadm info -q all -n /dev/sda|grep SERIAL
E: ID_SERIAL=30000000000000000
E: ID_SERIAL_SHORT=0000000000000000
E: ID_SCSI_SERIAL=AA230217S302KG01465

The correct serial number is shown in ID_SCSI_SERIAL.

I looked around on Proxmox forums, and found that someone had reported a similar issue here:

There was a solution recommended by one of the staff members, but had a small error in the code. I fixed the error, and implemented the code.

After this confirmed that Proxmox is showing correct Serial#s for these drives.

I reported the results to the forum. See my response here:

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