Baby Oliver Coming

It all started with Friday the 13th appointment at the Eastside Gynecologist in Macomb. Mama Abigail had a routine ultra sound appointment when they found that baby’s heart rate dipped to low 90s and stayed for a few seconds/minutes. Careful, they asked mama to go immediately to Beaumont hospital in Gross Pointe. Daddy was in the parking lot waiting for mama to be out, when he saw her crying, freaked out he didn’t know what was wrong. Then mama said, Vik we’ve got to go to the hospital. Daddy worried, drove as fast as he could to take mama and baby to the hospital. Daddy let his work know what was going on, and his boss understood the situation and let him take the time off. At the Beaumont hospital, mama was sent to the 4th floor of labor and delivery section. There it was a small room #465 where she was kept. Several nurses came in to check in on mama and Oliver, and found that he was a little sluggish although heart rate was hovering around 130. Concerned they put mama on an IV dosage of lactating ringer, which is supposed to perk up the baby so he can be more energetic. As soon as it was done, the baby started showing how happy he was via spikes on the Doppler. All well but several hours went by and the nurses saw a drop in the heart rate again, at the time the doctor was performing ultra sound scan on mama’s belly, and daddy could see live baby Oliver via the scan for the first time. At one point, daddy asked the doctor, which direction is Oliver facing, and the Doctor said, towards you Daddy, he knows you’re there! Mama and Daddy felt relieved after the scan and wanted to know if they can go home. Then the nurses said that unfortunately baby Oliver will need a little bit more supervision and that its best to transfer us to St John’s hospital where they have more people who can take care of Oliver and mama. So then Daddy went home to check on Grandma Chauhan and the dogs, and to get some supplies from home for the mama. Nurses also told mama and daddy that baby Oliver could decide to come via C Section and to be prepared to welcome the bundle of joy if he decides to come. Mama arrived at the St John’s hospital via ambulance while daddy drove from home to the new hospital. Daddy and mama were provided room# 8 on the 5th floor of the labor and delivery section. Very nice room! Mama and baby will be in good hands here!

Mama and daddy spent the night at the new hospital. They provided Daddy a nice bed to sleep on, so he was comfortable. Mama had to go to pee at night several times but she asked Hannah, a very caring nurse for help when she needed to. In the morning, mama and daddy woke up very early. Mama ordered for daddy a nice breakfast – omelette filled with mushrooms, bacon, ham, cheese, and turkey sausage links, and hash browns — yummy. Sadly, mama could not eat the food because doctor told her she can only have fluids via IV. In the morning, Doctor Chen came to visit mama and said that baby Oliver is doing just fine but at times he can be a little bit naughty and hold his breath. Nothing to worry about and they will take good care of mama and baby. Daddy was relieved too and he let grandma Chauhan know not to worry. Mama had another ultra sound scan and baby Oliver was doing great surround by a good amount of cushy amniotic fluid. Throughout that day things were going good, and baby Oliver and mama were doing well. Then the night came and baby Oliver started to show his naughtiness again, and caused mama and daddy to worry a lot. Throughout the night 4 or 5 times baby Oliver’s heart rate would show deceleration which concerned everyone. Mama tried but could not sleep. Daddy tried to sleep but could not sleep. Then ultimately morning came, and situation did not improve. Mama and daddy then told the Doctors that baby Oliver must now need to come out so they can speak to him as he has already been so naughty and they want him to not be so. Doctor Katherine Johnson said ok, we will bring Oliver out. Mama was rushed to the operating room for that and daddy was there too holding mama’s hand while Doctors and nurses were working to bring little Oliver out. At last, Oliver came out at 11:03AM on Sunday Nov 15, 2020. Daddy kissed mama albeit with their face masks on, and said I love you honey. Mama smiled and cried. Oliver came out unhappy and was crying of course because now he is caught. Then nurses took Oliver away to the NICU where Oliver would be kept under supervision so he cannot be naughty anymore. Mama went back to her room along with daddy.

At night daddy visited Oliver to make sure he is ok. He was laying there inside his warm incubator enjoying his sleep while nurse Maysa looked after him. The nurse explained to daddy that Oliver will not be able to leave until he has showcased that he is good boy. He has caused a lot of trouble and needs to learn how to behave, and until he does so, he cannot be held by mama and daddy, and go home. Daddy looked at Oliver and said, Olly, Maysa is right, you need to behave… Oliver cried a little and said ok daddy I will do my best to show my best behavior so I can be out of here and be with my mama and daddy.

The next day mama visited Oliver, and touched him through openings in the incubator. Little Oliver loved mama’s touch and wanted so bad to be in her lap. Mama said Olly pretty soon you will, you just need to show us your best behavior. That night Oliver showed his best behavior by being able to breath without the CPAP machine, and when mama and daddy visited little Oliver, he said look mama and daddy, I don’t have that anymore, I only have the tube now.

Oliver outgrew the NICU very soon, and was transferred to a different baby area. Mama was discharged and came home. Due to Covid only 1 visitor was allowed, so mama only went to see Oliver. Soon after the hospital said now baby Oliver can go home, and to take him home both mama and daddy were allowed to come in. And that’s how baby Oliver arrived in this world.

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