Bob McDonald’s Visit

Heard Bob McDonald speak today at Purdue. It was an honor to be present over there and learn his experiences of how he landed up at P&G from the military academy, and how his life’s expectations always matched to what he did during the course of his career progression. Among the 10 things he talked about related to leadership, and of course citing stories from P&G and his life, the one thing that really fascinated me was how it is evident that good leaders portray the quality of character, being personally responsible for things you do and leaving your mark, of course in a positive way, when you leave the organization, something I personally believe in doing too. I think good leaders are not about “me” but about “you”, that is, what “I” can do for “my” organization and “my” people. When I think about that, I think about the time I spent at TCS and how I handled my project and my team. I worked selfishly for myself but I worked on building a system, laying a foundation for better service, for my successor or subordinates. Honestly, for all those years I thought I am a badass when it comes to leading the team, a ruthless leader but trust me internally I broke down on my last day of work when I heard my team speak up about me. That made me feel proud.

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