Creating SSH Key Based Authentication using Bitvise on CentOS

On your client machine (e.g. Laptop)

Start Bitvise Client Key Manager, and click “Generate New”

Select Algorithm “RSA” and Size 4096 (or any other)

Set a Passphrase if required. Enter some comments, and click Generate.

After Key is generated, select it, and click on “Export”. In the Export options, make sure you select “Export public key” and underneath it “OpenSSH format”. Click on Export and save the file somewhere.

On the CentOS Server

Upload the file to your CentOS server, then execute following commands:

mkdir -p ~/.ssh
cat saved_file >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Ensure correct SELinux settings

restorecon -R ~/.ssh

Set correct file permissions

chmod 700 ~/.ssh
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Delete the uploaded file from the server

After this, log off and log on back using Bitvise SSH Client with “Initial method” as “publickey” and select the appropriate Key from the “Client Key” dropdown . If Key was recognized you will be asked for passphrase. If no passphrase was set, you should see the terminal open.

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