Doug Cook’s Farewell

Just came back from Doug Crook’s farewell party. It was a small after-office drink party at the RAM’s, a bar in downtown. It is pretty amazing to know somebody spending 25 years in one organization. That is equal to the life I’ve lived so far. When you’ve spent that amount of time you’ve virtually seen three decades of changes in the organization. You’ve seen organization grow three or more times in size. You’ve created success stories. You’ve had your failures. You’ve met and worked with so many people. You’ve made bonds…yes, imagine you worked with somebody for 10years, sat next to each other all time, had innumerable breakfasts/lunches together, shared smiles, jokes, anger, frustrations..and then one day you find that that person is not going to sit besides you anymore. It’ll take some time to sink in and you’ll feel bad or probably cry. I saw Tracy crying in the party…and that’s their story. Needless to say, it had a pretty good attendance. Doug’s a nice fellow who has always been a pro-TCS person. We at TCS are surely going to miss him…

Oh and what did I’ve at the bar? Not difficult to guess… A shot of Russia. With the snow falling and the ghastly wind blowing the entire day, Russia is the best to keep you warm!

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