I’ve always thought of writing a blog someday. My own place where I can put my expressions, my thoughts, my desires and my life into words. But somehow the idea of writing something always haunts me. I’m too bad in writing. Words seem to freeze in my mind whenever I prepare myself to write something. I can’t express myself. Not that this is in case of writing only, the same happens when I’m about to speak something in front of audience or presenting something or even while talking to someone on phone or in personal. Gives me goosebumps sometimes or butterflies in the stomach. I just can’t speak the way I want to. No matter how much I try to practice beforehand, it never works. Ok lets not digress from the subject, through this blog I intend to overcome my fright. My fear of words, of writing, of speaking. So, I plan to write something everyday in this blog. Anything. Might be experiences from my humdrum life or office wooes or anything that makes me write. I’m hopeful that I’ll do it regularly but not certain about that. My laziness always seem to drag me down whenever I try to climb the Everest.

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