2022 Reading Challenge

My 2022 reading challenge was 10 books. I ended 2022 with whopping 12 books read, that’s 120% of the goal and 1 book every month. I definitely over performed in 2022, maybe I set the goal too low, while I thought I had a stretch goal, considering in 2021 I only achieved 75% of my goal (6 out of 8 books). Last year I wrote that I was glad to have made it to 75% amidst all of the chaos of 2021, and that I think I had formed a habit; I definitely believe that’s true. I am so glad I was able to continue the forward momentum, and achieved 120% of the goal in 2022.

Guess what’s my 2023 reading goal is? 12 books. I believe 2022 was perhaps an anomaly. I am conservatively estimating that I will be hitting 100% of the goal in 2023. If I do more, then yes maybe it wasn’t an anomaly. Maybe I will revise the goal mid-year if I see myself pacing way too fast.

Lastly, I am still a slow reader by other people’s standards, but I am not looking to match their speed. Consistency is important, and I want to continue my habit. Perhaps some day I will write about my goal of reading 50+ books in a given year.

2022 Challenge


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