2021 Reading Challenge

My 2021 reading challenge was 8 books. I ended 2021 with only 6 books read, that’s 75% of the goal and 1 book every 2 months. I seem to have failed in my challenge and for sure I would be considered one of the slowest readers out there. However, 2021 was also one of the toughest years. While for the records, pandemic was still ongoing, which adds to stress in itself. My family in India suffered during pandemic and my sister & her husband got Covid but fortunately recovered. Others not so fortunate, we lost relatives both in India and here in USA. My direct reports went to India and lost family members, then got stuck there due to travel ban. Second, I was a new dad figuring things out with our newborn, and trying my best to be helpful to wife as she took full time care of the baby (my respects). Finally, it was also a very stressful work year. Worked on many high visibility initiatives that took away valuable time after hours and often weekends. At the end, I feel lucky to have gotten time to read slowly but steadily. It’s not the goal that matters, it’s the forming of habits. I am glad I was able to continue moving forward, and ended up achieving 75%.

Guess what’s my 2022 reading goal? 10 books. If I can sustain 75%, it would be ~8 books read (+2 from 2021). Who said only 100% achievement means progress? It does not, increments matter. Also, don’t worry about people outnumbering you in terms of number of books. Continue working on being consistent, form the habit, and speed will follow.

2021 Challenge


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