Every Little Bit Matters

Many a times we believe there is a secret special sauce to being a leader, and to motivate people. Reality is that, there is no single sauce. In fact, there are many tiny droplets of flavor into play, and that many of those we already know/do. Take for example, a simple gesture of saying good morning to your team every single day, either in-person or on your company’s instant messaging tool. That simple gesture goes a long way. When I started doing it, I didn’t think much of it. I simply wanted to wish my team good morning. I only realized the impact it created when a team member told me how much they like it and appreciate me doing that. Or, the other times when I dropped a motivational quote/meme in the chat. Trust me, your team values every bit of that. So, if you aren’t doing that today as a leader, try it. It will create an impact.

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