A blank in memory II

I never thought I would write about you. More so, write this about you. Ever since I found you, I’ve been carried away by emotions so deep that I feel a crippled being unable to move and dead without your support. Once upon a time I’d you. I really liked you very much and you listened to me patiently like you’d all the time in the world. You came to my life unwanted and you’re not there suddenly unwantingly. You came, I accepted and you showed me a never-seen land. I was carried away and fell in between. I wanted to love but you didn’t let me do that. I wanted to escape but you didn’t let me do that.  I wanted to sleep but you didn’t let me do that. I wanted to forget but you didn’t let me do that. I wanted to hate but you didn’t let me do that. You flew but you took me along. You left a void behind.  I begged for your time but you’d other things in mind. I understood. You didn’t. You said you did and I don’t. I’m a sticker and there’s a special. He, who couldn’t care but who the hell cares? You moved ahead exploring the unexplored. I stuck along. Then I was special and we’re special while I was over everything. We lay down. We cuddle up. We promise. You spoke of changes. Truly had there not been any changes I would be there still. So, I’m the one who’s ignored and I’m the one who’s blamed as I’m the one who ignores. Time likes you but hates me. Who has changed; me or you? If I’m sick so are you. Your monthly distress has to be cured first than my common flu.  Screw ‘em all, you said and I said I don’t need ‘em but why shall I leave ‘em. While you’re on a date, where shall I go? I’m dead but I’ll be born again and I’ll be healthier. There will be a blank in my memory soon. There is one I believe now. The best was there once but not anymore.

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