All she needs is a glow

A lovely face sits in the dark, lights down, staring at the bright screen and typing hurriedly something. It must be done today or else it would be too late. There’s only one chance. One that would never come again in life. A chance of lifetime as you may say. Unwary of the next, she goes on, searches until the back of her mind to pull out a miracle that will change her life. Confidently she strikes the keys, harder every time she thinks of the wonderful aftereffects. She visualizes herself to that day. The magical day when things are going to go her way, a day of happiness, a day of infinite joy, a day of achievement and a day of fame. That day she’ll stand out from the crowd and will have her own identity. She’ll be herself and the world will acknowledge her existence. Another stroke of the key as she makes, she cackles at her own thoughts of her future. The next stroke causes a typo. She frowns. “What if things go wrong, as they’ve, always?”, she ponders. There’s a sudden gloom on her face, a face that turns dim, almost intermingling with the darkness. The future is uncertain. She can only try. The target is moving. She can only aim. The air might be dark but all she needs is a little glow.

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