A Day Trip to Port Austin

Just randomly the Chauhan household minus the dogs decided to make a day trip to Port Austin, and The Thumb area of Michigan. If you don’t know what The Thumb is check this out. Port Austin is about 2 hour drive from Chesterfield, and the drive is mostly Hwy 53 with some gorgeous country side views. Along the way there were lots and lots of agricultural flat fields which makes sense considering this region has one of the most fertile soils in the state. There were windmill farms, and there were barns quite a few abandoned / dilapidated ones. Once at Port Austin, you can take Hwy 25 to drive along the Lake Huron shore. We didn’t complete the full Hwy 25 drive, but did see the west part of it from Bay Port to Port Austin, and back on 53 to Chesterfield. Barring the mostly chilly 59 deg F weather, the scenery and the light walking was very pleasant. Check out some of the shots taken at various stops.

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