Getting rid of Hot Tub

For a long time, the hot tub in our patio was a luxury that we could never enjoy. When we bought our Chesterfield house, we had high hopes that the hot tub will work, but it never did. When we got it looked at by a skilled technician, we found that it has a leak which will take a lot of $$$ to diagnose and fix. We even had home warranty for it, but it never came useful. The hot tub stayed there occupying the space until today when we finally got rid of it albeit we had to pay junk removal company for it. However, the fact that we don’t have this big eye sore there anymore is very pleasing. We can actually utilize the space to do something meaningful there.

Getting rid of hot tub actually turned out to be super easy. You have to call a junk company and most of them advertise picking your hot tub. How they do it is actually quite interesting. They will cut your hot tub into pieces using an electric reciprocating saw like many of use have used in DIY projects. Then they will take away the cut pieces. Even for $400 bucks I spent, I still am completely satisfied, and happy that it is gone. Surprisingly the deck boards underneath are in fairly decent shape so we don’t have to worry about replacing those.

Here are some pics of before, during and after.

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