Trick 3: Bulk Download 4K Wallpapers (Updated)

Way way back in 2015, I wrote this post about auto downloading huge amount of 4k wallpapers. That trick worked very well. Now this trick is essentially an enhanced version of that trick. Previously, with downloading, the file names were pretty insignificant, representing only the ID of the file on the site. In addition to this, everything was downloaded in one single folder, i.e. no organization. As a result, identify what file shows what was impossible unless you go through in file explorer and look at thumbnails (pain in the ass).

This enhanced version now identifies categories, subcategories and tags for each image. The files are then named as follows: ID_category_subcategory_tags.extension

Files are also now organized in the folder hierarchy: category/subcategory/file

Lastly, I’ve added a few additional things, e.g. configuration file and logging. Configuration file does not really do much at this point. But adding this frame work allows to extend the script in future to include other sites (currently only alphacoders is possible)

So here you go. Enjoy this new version.


Here are my download stats. Much better than 2015. Of course, now I’ve a Gigabit internet 🙂
downloaded_count: 16080
downloaded_size: 45.28gb
skipped_count: 0
runtime: 1h 8m 27.1s
download_rate: 3.92files/s 11.29mb/s

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