Stoney Creek Metropark

Been riding almost every week. Last time we got a taste of the Metropark at Lake Saint Clair. So this time we decided to check out one of the other 13 Metroparks – Stoney Creek Metropark.

We also decided to get the annual pass for $35 which gives us admission to all of the 13 parks. Even though we are buying it mid-year, I feel it is still a lot of value considering 3 day trips will cost you $30 if you pay the daily fee of $10.

Alright, so the bike path at this Metropark is basically a 6 mile loop. However, for an average cyclist like me the path turned out to be quite a workout due to going up and down all the time. Although, bike path in the park is only a short loop, you can venture out of the park onto trails in the neighboring area. However, we decided to stay in the park.

The park also has a lake called “Stoney Creek Lake”. This is a smaller lake but looked fantastic. Of course, at the end of the biking I had to get my feet into the lake!

Overall, it was a fun experience at the Stoney Creek Metropark and I will definitely go back to spend more time perhaps at the beach there.

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